Are you officially a homeowner? Have you finally signed the papers? Well, if that is the case, congratulations on this milestone.  

After you are familiar with the inside of your house, the next thing you should do is to go outside and familiarize your landscape. There are a lot of things you should learn about your new yard, from pinpointing a potentially dangerous tree to preparing your plants for spring.  

You can keep your landscape in tip-top shape with these landscaping Kenosha WI tips: 

Signs That You Have to Get rid of Shrubs or Trees 

Of course, you have simply moved into your new house. Perhaps a huge task such as getting rid of a tree isn’t something you want to consider at first. However, there is something you have to keep in mind. A dying or dead tree presents a huge danger to you and your property. Thus, you’ve got to understand if you’ve got a dangerous tree on your property as soon as possible.  

The indications of a dying tree are often subtle. There are a couple of signs that you have to look for. However, if you don’t have any idea about it, you can always contact a professional arborist to check your trees.  

Dying shrubs do not present an immediate threat. However, you still have to give them a look to figure out if you have to replace them. Examine the shrubs with the same process you would use to examine the trees.  

Checking Your Landscape as a First-Time or New Homeowner 

There might be red flags you did not know to look out for even if you had a good look at your new landscape before you purchased the house. However, you shouldn’t worry. It is never too late to examine your lawn for possible threats.  

You should go outside and check your yard for a couple of things. This includes: 

  • Trees that are extremely close to your house. a huge tree right by your home can become an issue in the future.  
  • Indications that a disease or pest is plaguing one of your greeneries. There are a lot of signs that you have to look out for. A professional arborist can help examine for these pests and illnesses.  
  • Look for tree branches hanging over the roof. If you find some branches hanging over your roof, you may have to trim them for safety reasons.  

Controlling Weed 

Weeds aren’t good for your yard. They steal water and nutrients from your plants. If you weed early in the year, you can keep them under control. Aside from that, you also have to weed throughout the growing season.  

But, it may be ideal to get rid of them by hand or using a weeding tool if weeds are already established in your lawn. Chemical treatment isn’t as effective if the weeds are too close to maturity. If this is the case, a professional lawn care company can help you eliminate the weeds. 

Before the weeds flower, it’s vital to get rid of them.